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Murder is the #1 cause of death among pregnant women.

Not that I'm in any danger of being murdered. And certainly not by Leo as pregnancy has only added to my weight advantage on him. I don't think that I've ever belonged to a segment of society where murder was the #1 cause of death.

Who wants to put some money down on whether or not I pop the top button on my pants off today? I think Vegas has the odds at 1:3 that I will, but just between you and me I think its far more likely than that.

And speaking of pants, I am deep into my long, sweet goodbye to denim. I bet I have another two months left but I want to savor every moment. I've already had to say goodbye to my denim capri pants. I can't fit into them as my ass has decided to break the law of conservation of matter by inexplicably expanding without any corresponding weight gain. So now I have the booty to match my newly expanded top half. J. Lo aint got nothing on me.

I still don't know what the hell we're going to do after the baby is born as far as money goes. I don't want to work, but it looks like I might have to, at least for a little bit. What is really scary is that I only have about a month left before I need to have a plan. Yikes.

I bought my first maternity clothes yesterday. I won't wear them for a while, but they were on sale and I think they will be good to have on hand for that fateful day when I finally realize that nothing else is going to fit. It's a little like back to school shopping, now that I think of it. I have new clothes, but I can't wear them until September.

Here's today's PG update:

You are now 9 weeks pregnant!
What?!?! I thought I was only 8 weeks pregnant. Oh, ok, I just checked, and I guess it will be 9 on Wednesday.


OK, there is a lot of talk about breasts and since I'm posting this, that means my breasts, which is just way too much information. But I will include this final sentence:Especially for those with a light complexion, veins in the breast often become more pronounced. Super.

Emotionally, you may feel like you are suffering from an ongoing bout of PMS. Even silly commercials may make you cry! No, not being able to fit into my clothes makes me cry.


This week, your baby-to-be grows to between 20 and 28 millimeters from crown to rump, or about an inch. Weighing in at one gram, your baby is very active, although you can't feel its movements. He or she now has all the major organs, muscles and nerves. A Doppler may be able to identify the heartbeat. While testes and ovaries are formed, external genitalia appear sexless, which is why it is too early for an ultrasound to reveal gender. Eyelids are beginning to form and the trunk is straightening and elongating.


Adding a few tablespoons of nonfat milk powder to many of your recipes is a great way to sneak in some extra calcium. For soups and hot cereals, use nonfat milk instead of water. I think I'll add nonfat milk powder to my salad today, and possibly I'll top off tonight's veal chops with a nice powdered milk crust. Or I'll just take a calcium supplement. Either way.


Women who consume more than three alcoholic drinks per week during the first trimester have double the risk of miscarriage compared to non-drinking women. This news comes from an intensive study based upon more than 5,000 women. Women who drank prior to pregnancy have no increased incidence of miscarriage over the non-drinker. Bottom line? Drinking any amount during pregnancy can be unsafe for the developing fetus.

And speaking of nonalchoholic beverages, have you tried the new Oceanspray lite cran-grape juice? Very tasty.

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