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I had a really intense dream last night. Normally, that would be good. I don't tend to remember my dreams. Except that I was dreaming that I was auditing UNIX security. Which is what I'm supposed to be doing now. Nothing sucks more than dreaming about your upcoming day of work because then you feel like you've already been at it a full day when you start.

Tomorrow begins Month #3 of pregnancy. The last month of the first trimester. I plan to celebrate by not getting nearly as much coffee as I'd like, feeling nauseous and maybe bloating a little if I'm up to it. Good times.

And speaking of pregnancy (which I've pretty much done non-stop for two months now), Mrs. W and I were in a book store last night when I happened across Virgin's (as in Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, and Virgin Cola, among other things) book of baby names. Yes, the company that has a tentacle in every market also has its own baby naming book. Surprisingly, It was actually pretty decent. Maybe I think that though, because they have all of my favorite names (which Leo has flat out vetoed) like Flora and Verity (which is a result of being written in England, more than anything else).

I have had second thoughts about the name Grace. I love it and it goes well with our last name. But it is one of the most popular names around now. I bet it will be in the top 10 this year. It is well on it's way to becoming the Jennifer of the 00's.

So how about this? Brandy was lying about being married to that stupid man. On one hand, I'm glad that she didn't actually marry him since he was obviously such a cad. On the other hand, I feel like I've been lied to as I became strangely obsessed with her and watch every episode of the MTV miniseries thing, plus her interview on Oprah. I guess (I think we are on the third hand now) that it also makes me feel good that no matter what name I choose, it will be a better name than Sy'rai or whatever she calls her daughter.

I just came back from the Information Security office. The InfoSec Officer's office (you may remember the InfoSec Officer as the guy who quit because of my audit) has now been changed into the crazy Polish guy's cafe. Literally. He is selling espresso and cheesecake in there. He gave me a piece of free cheesecake and was really pushing an espresso. I declined the espresso (even though I really, really wanted it. Don't say I never did nothing for you kid!) but I took a piece of cheesecake. It had so much amaretto in it that I think I got drunk off of one bite. I left the room singing the praises of the cheesecake and then immediately dumped it in the trash.

So what's up this weekend? Let's see, Leo will put in at least 40 hours of work in the 48 hours available this weekend. I will attend Carla's 50th birthday party on Saturday(big ups to Carla). I think I am also going to give the whole "cook one day out of 30" thing a try again. I did a decent job of cleaning out my freezer this morning. And I no longer have the energy to cook when I get home from work. So we'll see how that goes.

Wendy has also pointed out that the alien-in-my-innards will need its own room and Leo and I should really think about converting one of our three guest rooms for the alien (but how will we survive with only two guestrooms?). Somehow this thought hadn't yet occurred to me. I imagine that it will be sleeping in our room for the first 6 months or so as 1) I'm going to breastfeed 2) it will want to eat in the middle of the night and 3) I'm too lazy to walk into another room. But perhaps the alien will need a room to store his/her baby crap. Hopefully we will be able to find out the sex of the baby at my 20 week ultrasound, so that gives me lots of time to put off redecorating. Or maybe the baby would appreciate having 1,000 cooking implements in its room and I can put it off indefinitely. "You know, it's a blender and cake stand themed nursery..."

BTW, if anyone wants to throw me a shower, << - >>

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