I hate it when people say "hump day"


Every morning, I pull into the parking lot 30 seconds after Yagna, and Holly pulls in 30 seconds after me. Its actually kind of disturbing because it is like clockwork even though I'm pretty sure that I don't leave the house at the exact same time every day. Very Groundhog Day.

On my way in from the parking lot, I pass by the generator which has a new pine fence around it. Maybe its my super pregnancy sense of smell, but it smells quite strongly. This reminds me of one summer, when I was a kid, when my family took a train across Canada and ended up at a near deserted logging town in British Colombia that was run by some distant relative of ours. The pine fence smells just like that, especially after rain.

I cut bangs a while back and I am still struggling with them. The big change was initially sparked when I was coming back from Germany.  Secret Window was one of the movies on the flight and I realized that I look way too much like Johnny Depp in that movie.  It's really scary.  Especially if I have my glasses on, wear a ripped bathrobe and drink Jack Daniels from the bottle.  It was clearly a bad sign once the bangs were cut when they looked like crap even as I was leaving the salon (ha!  salon!  We are talking the World Trade Center $12 place). I have now tried wearing them straight down, pushing them to the side like they don't exist and this morning I was going for an artful cross-forehead swoop. All of these attempts have failed. I need hair help.

Schwest sent me this map a few days ago, which I find fascinating.  First of all, what do they call pop in the places where the answer is "other"?  And how could you say that you are going out for a Coke, if you intend to buy some sort of lemon-lime soda? 

I went to the dentist last night.  It had been a while since I'd been there and I had to announce, in one breath, that I was both pregnant and married.  I wanted to follow up that statement by clarifying that those two events sis not happen in that order and that there was a significant time lag between the two, but I didn't.  It was kind of nice to be fawned over for being pregnant.  Since I won't announce it at work for a while, I have been hiding out in the gestational closet and it was nice to get everything all out in the open, where people can rightly put me in the spotlight. 

Before the wedding, I was bemoaning the fact that I could not replace my bridge.  Turns out that my insurance would have covered it two years ago and there have been significant fake teeth developments since I got it in 1992 so the new one will look a lot better.  Of course now I can't get it done.  It's not so much that the process would harm the baby, but I'm pretty sure that it would hurt like hell (exposed dental nerves and all) and I'd rather not do it without being able to take fistfuls of ibuprofen.  Leo isn't sure if we'll have dental insurance after the baby arrives (and we switch to his inferior benefits) so maybe I'll be walking around with this ugly bridge forever.

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