either the hormones or the lack of sleep has made me angry (but just in general)


I am so sleepy.

The reporter never showed up last night. It was really just as well. There was some speculation that, since the town I live in is almost entirely Black or Jewish, that was why I was selected to be "reported on" (as their aren't a huge number of Black or Jewish Republicans). Except I'm just a boring Christian white person so it wouldn't have been very interesting.

I am *supposed* to be clearing up audit points but I just don't have it in me. I really don't care. And I don't care about the ramifications.

Instead, I have been on a pregnancy chat board all day. The ladies have me all riled up about two things. First, someone asked the question "what do you fear most about giving birth?". I'm sure that everyone would say something about the baby not being healthy as their primary concern but no one mentioned it. Instead, all of them ("all" being around 10) responded that their greatest fear was either farting or pooping while pushing (I guess the majority of women poop while pushing. The hospital staff discretely whisks it away and its not that big of a deal). Oh grow up people. FARTING is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is having a c-section. You know, as it is major surgery. If the worst that happened to me was a fart, I would thank my lucky stars.

Then, what really pissed me off was this article.  It's another one of those "oh no!  There are A-rabs on the place and we are all going to die" bits of racist drivel that the ignorant eat up with a spoon.  So there were some "Middle Eastern men" on a plane originating in Detroit?  What!?!!   That's almost as crazy as maybe seeing a bunch of white people get on a plane in Oklahoma City!  And someone had a McDonald's bag??  Jeepers!  On the last page of the article, you can almost here the Arab dude thinking "why the hell is this weird lady staring at me?".

Of course, everyone on this chat board got all up in arms about how *scary* the article was and how they would never fly out of Detroit again (because, what, their city screens out people of Middle Eastern decent at the airport?).  The general theory, on the board, is that each guy was bringing in a piece of a bomb and it was being assembled in the bathroom.  Good thing they gave each other the thumbs up sign when they were done.

I think what we are seeing here is a bad combination of a boring job and too many hormones (I'm talking about me now).  I wish I could bring myself to get back to what I'm supposed to be doing but I don't know if that's possible.  Oh bleaaaah.


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