No offense to the German people, but I can't WAIT to get outta here!


I smell. Bad.

I've been living out of the same suitcase for almost 2 weeks now. That means that I'm carrying around a bunch of dirty laundry that, though properly segregate, is still contained in the same place as my clean clothes. My "clean" clothes smell a little funky now. Not like they've been worn, I cannot wait to be Downy fresh once again.

And I just had another barfaliscious lunch. Solely for my benefit, the cafeteria is now producing an English language menu. That's nice, but it almost makes it harder for me to pick what I'll have because the translations are often misleading. For example, today's vegetarian offering was spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese. Sounds pretty normal right? Well maybe if you're a German because, like everything in this cafeteria, the dish also contained corn and kidney beans. Corn featured in the chili con carne yesterday (kidney beans were there too, but they are supposed to be in chili con carne so that's ok). I've had the corn/kidney bean combo on salads, pizza, and goulash. Blech.

So, in summary, I smell bad and I'm really hungry and I am SO READY to come home.

OK, in just a few hours I can begin my drive to Frankfurt were dear, sweet NWA will fly me home to the MDA. I might shed a tear or two upon liftoff.

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