the Kaiser sucks!


How hard is it to contact someone on the Central time zone while in Europe? Really, really hard. So it took me a really, really long time to finalize a report that was pretty much due yesterday. But does the VP care that my interview subject is a full 7 hours behind me in time and also really hard to get a hold of? No. Of course not. All of this would have been much easier if I had any clue how to use the phones here. Then I would have called her at night, when she might actually be in her office because it would have been afternoon there. But no. That appears to not be possible*. Instead, the phone is programmed to only issue inexplicable beeps. It probably doesn't even work for local calls. It might even be a phone decoy, placed there to fool foreign travelers. Or not.

Apparently, I will hit a lot of traffic driving from Bavaria to Saxony tonight. I guess that a lot of Saxons (former GDR residents) work in Bavaria and then go home on the weekends. I still haven't decided if I should leave work early or not. This morning I got so frustrated with my network connection to the States that I nearly threw my laptop out the window (on a side note, German office buildings have windows that actually open. They also don't have screens, so there have been quite a few moths and bugs in my office). So if the network frustration keeps up, I might just take off early.

I'm not much of a juice drinker, never have been. I don't even like orange juice. But there is a juice here called Cappy Multivitamin that I just adore. It's not too terribly sweet and it is a mixture of several juices (but don't ask me which ones because I can't read the label). Every day a woman brings me a pot of coffee (really, really good coffee) and a tray of juices and water. This is not normal treatment for me. Hey, I didn't even have a desk at the last audit. This is indeed the lap of luxury.

Oh! I just had an exciting German cafeteria lunch!

Every day, right before going through the lunch line, the German auditor manages to run away for some reason so the French guy and I are left to try to figure out what each dish is. She did the same today. There appeared to be some sort of fried fish or maybe meat and then some chopped potatoes or something as the other dish. I had no idea what the chopped potatoes thing was, so I ordered it. It turns out to be something called Kaiser something (I had them repeat it three times and I still don't know). It translates to "the Kaiser sucks". Hungry yet? It was named that because the peasants who ate the mixed scraps from the kaiser's table weren't too happy about it. I guess the dish is supposed to be like those scraps.

It's a bowl of shredded pancake chunks with golden raisins in them. The whole things is then topped with powdered sugar (LOVE a lunch that's topped with powdered sugar). It was served with a bowl of apple sauce and an apple (because you can never get enough types of apple in a meal). It was really good! The pancake chunks weren't too sweet. I actually cleaned my (small) plate. Yeah for me! No more American plates of food wasting shame!

Well, I should probably get my act together so I can take off (hee hee hee, I'm thinking of taking off and it just turned 7am at home!). Good thing my blood sugar crash after the "Kaiser sucks" meal will kick in right as I get on the Potsdam autobahn.

* "that appears to not be possible"? Have I spent too much time around the ESL set or what?

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