Anschlag, arbeiten zusammen und hören, Eis ist zurück mit einer neuen Wiedergabe


I was looking for common German phrases. It seemed to me that the first line of Ice, Ice Baby was a good one to know.

The Detroit Freedom Festival was last night. 9 people were shot in one incident. Very, very sad. But it led to the quote of the day from Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on the morning news: "99%, or actually MORE than 99% of the people there (at the fireworks) did not get shot". I nearly spit my coffee out of my nose when I heard that.

I had been waiting for over a week to take an American shower. My hair looked like absolute crap in Canada and I couldn't tell if it was something about the water, or if my hair was just fried (possibly from the cleanup after the vaseline incident). I think the answer is a little bit of both really. But at least it looks a lot better.

After spending last weekend tasting lots and lots of ice wine, I find it interesting that the area in Germany that I'm going to is the "home" of ice wine.

And did I mention that there was a Chevy dealership in Ontario called Menzes Chevy? Kid you not.

Leo worked until the wee hours last night. And his alarm went off at 4:30 this morning. I can't really remember what he looks like. Hope we have a chance to see each other before I leave for Germany on Saturday.

Off to a lovely meal with Sarah and Mrs. W.

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