so ready to come back to America


What a day!

I called in to my first parish council meeting last night. Since I was on the phone, and unable to defend myself, I was elected vice-chairperson. So let's all take a moment and pray for that the chairperson never is incapacitated, because I really don't know what my duties would involve.

Dating for Dummies got into a car accident when we went out for lunch. To be fair to him, I don't really think it was his fault. But still.

I ended up eating at Outback Steakhouse last night. Man oh man that place pisses me off with their "Aussie Chips" and their "Walkabout Soup" (which was baked potato and bacon). But I drove around for some time last night, looking for a new restaurant. I couldn't find any and I had to get back for the parish council meeting anyway.

I am wrapping up my Ontario audit today, I'm heading back to the US tomorrow. Thank goodness for that, I really don't think I could talk another Canadian day.

When I went to Tunisia, we learned that their are five stages of culture shock. First you are all starry eyed and in love with the differences. I think that I was in that stage last week. There are no fat people here (at least I haven't seen any) and everyone is very, very nice. I also really liked the fact that there seems to be a lot of governmental support of "culture". But, as I was flipping through my hotel's 60 channels looking for just one program that was not on modern dance, it began to really cheese me off. I ended up watching some sort of National Geographic rip off in French about how, in the far west of Russia (if I had to locate the area on a Risk board it would be Kamchatka) where young ladies are kidnapped and then married. And that's how their culture does it. A fun way to spend a Monday night. Anyway, I do indeed want my MTV, the Canadian "Much Music" channel is not cutting it. Mostly because they play far too much Canadian music. The next stage is to get really irritated that this culture is different. That is definitely where I am now.

Another thing here the stores here. Remember Cotton Ginny, Merry Go Round and Le Chateau (my personal fave from high school)? Well they are all still alive and well in Canada. But is there an Ann Taylor? Nooo! Nor are there any other stores that I've heard of in the last ten years. And Chapters really blows. We decided to try the Ruffles "All Dressed" flavor of potato chips with lunch (a little Canadian culinary cultural tidbit). They taste like a cheese-vinegar-ketchup-asbestos-dust combination, really rather nasty.

So I am very much ready to come home.

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