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I don't normally have unpleasant dreams. So that, not to mention the really disturbing content, made this one stand out even more.

Schwest, a girl from high school whose initials are KK and whose brother played soccer with Schwest, and myself are all seated at a table, possibly the breakfast room of the hotel where I'm staying. As usual, I have a cup of yogurt in front of me. I really like Canadian yogurt, because it is runny like European yogurt and it doesn't have a ton of gelatin in it like American yogurt (blech). The yogurt has a picture of a monkey wearing a sombrero on the front. The sombrero says "Hamburguesa" on it and the monkey is holding up a huge banana. Underneath the banana, it says "Banana". Now I know that this is banana flavored yogurt and the monkey is named "Hamburguesa", but I decide to try to convince KK and Schwest that it is hamburger flavored yogurt because of the sombrero. So I place my hand over the word "banana" and show them the cup. Then I open it, and I want to freak them out and pretend that it really is hamburger flavored. So I take a big spoon full, fully expecting banana yogurt and instead it is plain yogurt with shredded cheese and ground beef in it! And I could feel the gelatinous little meat pellets, the rubbery cheese and the yogurt in my mouth. It was singularly foul. Then I woke up.

Analyze that indeed.

We had a lovely weekend. The B&B itself was nice. We were basically their first guests, so the proprietor was a little too up in our grills but she made a great three course breakfast so that helped. We decided that we will stay in a regular hotel the next time. On Saturday we went to about 10 wineries, had plenty of tastings, saw Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake and Leo golfed 18 holes. Then we had a to die for dinner (we'd really been eating all day so it wasn't a proper dinner) at Peninsula Ridge winery. I had a cheese course and then the most amazing chocolate hazelnut mousse (such a healthy meal). We got there after the kitchen had started shutting down, so the chef just threw together some appetizers for Leo. They were amazing. I had a tasting flight of the chardonnay and Leo had the sauvignon blancs. I had a glass of the cabernet franc ice-wine with dessert. We tasted A LOT of ice-wine this weekend, it's something they do awfully well in these parts. I didn't actually have ice cream on Saturday as planned. But don't worry, I think I consumed about 20,000 calories (a draw back of frequent ice-wine tastings) so it wasn't a total wash.

Leo had to work yesterday, so we came back early. The B&B proprietress took it really hard when I told her that we had to leave, but we did finally escape. So I'm back in fabulous Whitby, ON. I saw Dodgeball last night. There were a couple parts that were absolutely side splitting. But too much time was spent furthering the really stupid plot and Ben Stiller's character was pretty much Zoolander with muscles. Still, it beat reading in the motel room so I guess it was worth it. After that I had a really good pork loin at a -gasp - chain restaurant. But it was uber-tasty.

I finished the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time on Friday. LOVED it. I needed a new book on cd for the ride back so I went to the local Chapters, all the way out (oot) at the Oshawa Centre, eh? And they had a selection of about 4 books on cd. So I bought the new Elizabeth George. I used to be quite into her books. We'll see. It's always tough to follow up to a book that I was crazy about (aboot). If you think books on cd are expensive in the US, try paying $50 Canadian for them.

I think I'm picking up a Canadian accent. BTW, it is fricking freezing here. I promise to never again complain about Michigan weather. I haven't been able to tell the temperature all weekend since it is in Celsius and, being a good American, I refuse to understand what that means. But the Buffalo news said that it was 46 degrees when I woke up. Which sounds about right. Good thing I packed all summer clothes.

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