Dr. Schwester, Medecine Woman


Today I was hit in the shoulder by the plant's engineering manager. It was done in a manner like I imagine athletes might do with one another. I don't think I've ever been hit in the shoulder before. Odd.

I bought this for Leo's cousin who turned three. His cousin looks just like Schwest did at that age, so I figured that I'd give her one of Schwest's favorite toys (don't worry, Schwest, I didn't actually give YOUR toy away, I just bought one like it). Schwest walked around with that stethoscope on from ages 2 through about 18. Usually, it was accompanied by a red cowboy hat and red sunglasses with the lenses removed.

It's surprising how little this has changed in 20 years. I think our case might have been white with a red cross on it, but other than that it looks exactly the same. We hit the real beginning of plastic toddler toys. All of my hand-me-down toys were wood (oh no! That makes me sound as old as saying that all of my baby pictures are black and white!). So I guess it isn't that shocking that it hasn't changed much.

I did something a little different last night: I took myself out for dinner. Leo was at the "stag dinner" (which I assume means that everyone goes alone. It might also mean that they served venison. Or possibly it means both) for the golf tournament. I could have either gone home and attempted to construct a dinner out of the baking soda and mustard in the fridge or I could have picked something up. Either way, I was really dreading studying. Then it hit me, if I go out to dinner by myself, I will have nothing else to do but study! And it actually worked! I'm sure that I would not have read that much if I had been home alone. I would have stared at a spot on the carpet and then found some cleaner and that would have grown into vacuuming... Instead, I had a lovely spinach salad and a bowl of lobster bisque. I didn't have to do any dishes (good thing I remembered my wallet) and I studied for almost 2 hours. I hope I have a chance to do it again before the test, it was so relaxing and productive.

I'm off to the Europa Bistro for lunch now. I'm going by myself and I plan on doing more studying. I'm a little freaked out that I am still not done studying chapter 4 (there are 7 chapters) but it does make up 25% of the test so maybe that's not so bad after all.

So hungry.

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