Magical Mr. Mistofeles


I woke up this morning with Magical Mr. Mistofeles in my head. Not a good sign.

I also spent about two hours this morning signing and dating things June 2, 2003.

I studied for two hours last night. It seemed like two thousand years. Not because I got that much done, more because it was so painfully boring. It was all about encryption and the mathematical formulas that lead to the creation on the public and private keys. Like I said, painful. I am really starting to freak out about the test.

After two hours (and keep in mind that those two hours were directly following 8 hours of auditing), I decided that I needed a break. So I watched Down with Love. Until I looked up a website, I had no idea that it was a regularly released movie. It was ok, made even better by containing nary a mention of elliptical curve cryptometry.

We had a real issue this weekend. I don't want to disturb anyone, but between Shannon and I a total of three Farmer Jack's were visited and none of them sold Mexicali Dip. Like I said, it was a real issue. So Shannon managed to find a Kroger that sold it. But what should I make of this with Farmer Jack? Have they changed their commitment to Mexicali Dip? They still sell Pistachio Fluff and Oreo Cookie Surprise. Mexicali Dip must have more takers than those two. If only I could find a decent recipe for it!

I'm currently working in a plant in Rochester Hills. The audit is going ok, I guess. The IT Manager is definitely not one of those that care so much about their rating that they end up breathing down my neck for two hours. I have a lovely cube here in front of a big window (with a lovely view of my car). It is a little lonely working by myself though.

I think Leo's brother is coming tonight. I have nothing to serve him (other than a spare container of Kroger Mexicali Dip, that is). The house is still in fairly good shape, I guess. At least cleaning up tonight will get me out of studying for a bit.

I wore my contacts the second week I was in Louisville. My eyes were spasming for all of the next week. So I am back to glasses at work. I can't say how irritating it is to have to remember to put my glasses back on when I get up and remember to take them off when I sit down. I have been running around here without my glasses on to make a copy, and then someone will speak to me and I'll get pulled farther and farther away from my cube not being able to see.

This is horrible. Now I have the entire Cats soundtrack going through my head. doo-doo-doo-DOO-do-do-dooo-do-do-DOO!

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