don't ever put vaseline in your hair


On Saturday I did one of the stupidest things I have ever done.

I was dying my hair a slightly darker color and I decided that I'd like to keep a few strands the current color. But how was I going to dye my whole head and not those few pieces? I decided to use the same method I use to keep from dying my skin: by coating those strands in vaseline. OK, so you can imagine how this ended. I had to wash my hair FIVE TIMES on Saturday to get the vaseline out. I even used Dial antibacterial hand soap on two occasions. Nothing could be nastier than vaseline in your hair. What was I thinking?

I think the party on Sunday went well. I was in love with the gooey butter cake, even though I think that most people were afraid to try it. Oh well, more for me (as in an entire 9 x 13 pan for me!). The strawberry-champagne gelatin was not well received either, I think it contained too much champagne. Never thought I'd say that about anything. I was all about the ginger-lime punch (which didn't have a very pronounced ginger flavor at all). Katie brought a fabulous 7 layer Mexican dip (which we ended up eating right up through the wee hours) and Mrs. W provided cookie and brownies (a few were leftover, I actually had one for breakfast this morning).

We started out cleaning up from the party early on Monday and went straight through until 9 pm. My house has never been so organized. In fact, the room of shame (or junk room) is now nonexistent. Of course the room is still there; only the shame was removed. Leo's brother and possibly his wife will be staying with us this week. I just couldn't bare having them stay in the house in its former condition.

Leo's brother is coming in to play a tournament at the club. I imagine that I won't see Leo at all this week. Just as well, because I have GOT to crack the books. I did get a fair amount of studying done, but it is cram time. Oh and I'm going to be "installed" on the parish council on Saturday. Fun times.

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