and these are the twins, Cunegundes and Vulgis...


There's one more person here that I have neglected to publicly complain about, until now. Directly across from me is Tone...ey, then the 4 ft tall spiky mullet woman and then there is the guy who yells at his kids all day. GWYAHKAD has been going strong since 7:30 this morning. He does this almost every day, but what made today special is that he ended his child-yelling by screaming "put mom on" and then he instructed his wife to give the child an "extra pill" and told the mom that, if the child does not behave, he will spend "the entire weekend in the camper". I really hope they are going on a camping trip. Because if the camper is simply sitting in the driveway and is being used as a timeout area, well that's just sad.

Let's all take a moment to be happy that we do not know this family.

I just got my entrance ticket for the certification exam. Even though I registered under my married name, my maiden name is listed. The instructions say to bring photo id and then goes on to describe the requirements for an acceptable photo id (it must list your height, eye color, etc.). It never says that it has to be the same name. In fact, it later says that, if there are any name or address corrections, simply write them on the ticket and hand it to the proctor. So do I take a chance and attempt entry with a ticket in the wrong name? If this is allowed, doesn't it make the photo id requirement moot? I would be following the instructions. They have not "closed the audit loop", as we say in the biz.

There has been much talk of baby names in the past 24 hours. First, I came across this site which you will find hilarious if you have ever been sucked into baby related bulletin boards (I take the fifth on why I know this. And, no, there is nothing of that sort in the works). Then there is the SSA website, which I find fascinating from a sociological point of view.

There has also been a debate (mostly in my head, but a debate none the less) about saint's names. Sure, I think it would be great to name your kid after a saint. I mean, who better to name it after? But I wouldn't think of it as a necessary sort of thing. I mean, if everyone had done that throughout time, we'd only have like 5 different saints' names and it would be rather confusing. Plus there are a lot of saints' names that just wouldn't fly today, like Sts. Cunegundes, Zenobias, Scholastica, Vigor and Vulgis. You just know that if you had a kid named Scholastica, she would be horrid at school and Vigor would be lazy.

I have found a supplemental dessert for Sunday: Gooey Butter Cake! I had read about it in Southern cookbooks before, and it seems the perfect mix of tasty and trashy for a cookout. Plus, I can't wait to see Leo shiver in horror at the name.

Which brings me to the saga of the grill. I ended up having to go to THREE different Targets in 24 hours to get it. I swear, I could write an epic poem about this. Instead, let me just say that Target must require that prospective employees have thought impeding head injuries on it's applications. And if anyone else wants to get a 22.5" Webber kettle grill in the MDA, just give up now because you will never find one.

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