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Oh dear. My closing meeting is in 8 minutes and I am actually nervous. I really shouldn't be, I know that people will freak out and yell. Plus there will be all sorts of non-IT people in the meeting that will probably ask me to explain all of the rather technical stuff that we will be covering.

I had a really lovely dinner last night at Stoney River. I had an AMAZING steak. Steak is one of those things that is not hard to prepare, but it is really hard to buy a decent one so you are better off having it in a restaurant. And this was a really, really good steak. I had the filet, which was tender, but it still had a lot of flavor.

OK, the steak talk has clamed me down some. 4 minutes to go....

I think the waitress may have given me caffeinated coffee with dessert last night. I was wired. I ended up watching 28 Days Later (which is not the sequel to Sandra Bullock's 28 Days, as I originally thought). After the movie, I was kind of delirious from stress, caffeine and lack of sleep so I half expected a red-eyed zombie to crash through my hotel window. After I finally got to sleep, Leo called. The phone has several lines and I couldn't figure out how to answer it in the dark. He didn't leave a message, but a huge red light started flashing after he hung up. And I couldn't figure out how to make it stop, so I had to go around the room and cover the phones with things. I did finally talk to him though, which is always nice. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO HOME.

Speaking of the hotel, you know you've been in one too long when you get all pissy about the breakfast rotation. They were serving "Little Bit of Country" (sausage gravy and biscuits) for three days in a row. They only ran "Top o' The Morning" (sausage and eggs) two days, one of which is today and I can't eat meat on Friday. But where the hell was "Toast of the Town" (french toast)? Hmm? Riddle me that one, Hampton Inn. I blame Atkins. And the Hampton Inn.

Well the meeting went well, except that I scheduled the teleconference for yesterday, so I had to very quickly schedule a new one for this morning and wait for all of the participants to get the new number. I felt like such a heel. But no one yelled at me, so I consider it a success.

Now I'm off to the accounting closing meeting (I bet it will be a hoot) and then the Louisville Slugger museum, where I will receive a souvenir 18" bat. The thrills, the thrills...

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