an order of sea-tongue and a side of river cancers, please!


Menu from the hotel I will be staying at in Germany, as translated by Alta Vista:

Our soups
 Frankish fixed soup 4,00?
Puerrierte potato soup 4,50?
Baerlauchsueppchen with river cancers 4.50?
Our hors-d'oeuvres
Large salatteller with grilled PUT chest 8,20?
Smoking fish plate with Kartoffelroesti 8,50?
Gratinierter Garnelenspiess on multicolored vegetable salad 8.50?
From the Frankish roast kitchen
We recommend our roast courts as small menu, served with a Baerlauchsueppchen and a Schokoladenparfait Hauptgang
Barberieentenbrust with red herb 9,70? 15,60?
Calf-board-pointedly with asparagus and Broccoli 10,20? 16,10?
Krenfleisch with salads 9,20? 15,10?
Deer roast in Wacholderrahmsosse with red herb 10,50? 16,40?
We serve our roast courts with Serviettenkloss and Kartoffelkloss
From our Schmankerlkueche
Cordon Bleu filled calf shred with salads and roasting potatoes 12,80
Calf liver after citizen of Berlin kind roasted serves salads and roasting potatoes 14.50
    with roasting bulbs, bacon and apple disks in addition? Our asparagus courts Spargelcremeslueppchen 4,00?
Grilled Jacobsmuscheln on a asparagus Lachsrag˘ut 8,20?
Asparagus toast with ham and sauce Hollandaise 6,20?
Baked Picandou on mariniertem asparagus 6,20?
Portion asparagus salad 8,20?
Filled Seezungenfilet with Frankish asparagus and herb scrambled egg in a cancer foam sauce, serve 19,80 with new potatoes?
Kaninchenfilet with Frankish asparagus in a Morchelrahmsosse, serves 15,80 with new potatoes Spargelrag˘ut in the herb pancake on a chives sauce serves 9,50?
Portion of Frankish asparagus with sauce Hollandaise and new potatoes 9,50?
In addition we recommend:
a small ham plate 4,00?
a pair of bratwuerste 2,50?
a small Milchkalbshueftsteak 6,70?
a grilled salmon steak 6,00?
a small Rinderfilet 9,20?
Our main courts
Haehnchenbrsutfilet in an airy Paprikarahmsosse, serves 9,70 with house-made Spaetzle and salads?
Schweinefilets with apple columns in a Calvadosrahmsosse serves in addition salads and house-made Spaetzle 13.20? Rumpsteak of the Angusrind with bacon beans, herb butter and roasting potatoes 16.50?
Filet of the Angusrind with river cancers and Jacobsmuscheln in herb cream, serves 17,80 with Tagliatelle and salads?
Baked Rotbarschfilet with roasting potatoes, sauce Remoulade and salads 10,80?
Dialogue of salmon and Heilbutt on bear allium spinach serve 14,50 with parsley potatoes?
Zanderfilet according to kind of Baden with vegetable in cream baked, serves 14,50 with parsley potatoes?
Salmon cuts of the grill, with a gratinierten Garnelenspiess, Knoblauchbaguette and salads serves 15,80?
Sea-tongue with river cancers in herbs roasted, serves 19,80 with Tagliatelle and salads?
Our dessert
Rhabarberkompott with Sabayon and vanilla ice-cream cream 4,00?
Tiramisu 4,00?
Ice cake with fresh strawberries 4,00?
Cup of ice-cream nussknacker 4,50

I do get that the word for cancer and crab must be the same.  I will say that I am totally stumped by sea-tongue, calf shred, dialogue of salmon and calf-board-pointedly (perhaps the calf would be better able to make a statement if it was pointedly bored).  Clearly, I will be needing some sort of German-English dictionary.  Spargelcremeslueppchen was not covered by the one year of high school German that I had.

We went to a little German restaurant here in Louisville this week.  It was excellent.  I have such a weakness for sauerbraten and spaetzle that I just couldn't bring myself to order anything else.  Last night we ate at a restaurant on the river.  I had an order of panzanella and a cup of soup.  The panzanella was horrid, and there were no tomatoes.  The soup was really good.

We went to a Louisville Bats game after that.  They were playing the Toledo Mud Hens.  The game was long, and I didn't really know what was going on.  I had had a glass of wine with dinner and then I had a rather large beer at the game.  I was done drinking but a fellow employee decided that I should have one more.  I will say that it made baseball all the more tolerable.  I was given a souvenir Bats baseball by the mascot himself.  Ahh, the glamour and celebrity that is my life.

I am so looking forward to this weekend, if for no reason other than to sleep in my bed.  Unfortunately, Shannon is leaving for Richmond early Saturday morning so I won't get to see her until Memorial Day.  So sad.

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