is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel? Or is it headlights on a car headed straight for me...


I have a confession to make.

I am not an AS400 expert.

There, I said it. I had thought that this was general knowledge, as my background is heavily windows with a little UNIX. But I have spent the last two days exclusively evaluating security on the 400. And it makes me so stressed out that I want to make drugs in my crockpot and free base them.

Not only has the work been stressful, but I've been working 11 hour days. I'm not being paid enough to be working these hours. I mean, Leo works 11 hour days all the time, but he makes about twice what I do.

I've also decided that I dislike my haircut. At least I no longer look like Ann Frank. Now I look like a lesbian gym teacher.

My Wal-Mart emergency sweater is reminding me of a treasured sweater I had in high school. This one is black and the the label said it is "pointelle", which must mean that it has all sort of decorative holes in it (not so great for keeping you warm). As I said yesterday, it is very "mom". But it kind of reminds me of my favorite high school sweater, which was black and woven to look like cobwebs. Punk Rock!!! Yes, I wore that one until it fell apart (with my matching spider earrings). Because every day IS Halloween.

What would my 17 year old self say if she saw me now? I have a rather mannish non-flattering haircut and I'm wearing a mom sweater in an auto plant in Kentucky. Urk. That is a depressing thought.

Speaking of depressing, I will be attending a minor league baseball game tonight. My "hosts" here in Kentucky are so enthused about it that I don't feel like I can skip it. So, even though I have so much work my head might explode, I will be knocking off early (after only 10.5 hours) to go to the game.

Let me leave you on a happier note. Check out Kentucky's license plates:

Very teletubbies and yet I find them rather soothing.

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