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I looked pretty horrid yesterday. Even I had to admit it, and I feel like I have pretty low standards for myself. So after a lovely dinner of chicken salad and melon (as well as a $4 margarita, which was the largest size), I found myself at Fantastic Sam's ten minutes before they closed. I'd love to put in a geographical reference here, but there appears to be no city or township, it's just rural Kentucky. I'd also like to get all snobby about a rural Kentucky Fantastic Sam's, but I actually paid $2 more for this haircut than at my usual place (the Sept. 11th / World Trade Center Salon). I had a few doubts about the quality of the haircut at first (seeing as the hairdresser really wanted to go home) but it turned out quite nice. I really like it. I now have layers!

One of the things that was so horrible about my hair yesterday is that I might have conditioned twice and ne'er shampooed. I was that tired yesterday morning. It resulted in very limp hippie hair. But I'm back to springy hair now, although the addition of layers has really cut down on the shine. And I got to use my new shampoo and conditioner, which I scented to match the soap I've been making.

So how does a hip and happening urbanite such as myself top off a rural Kentucky Fantastic Sam's experience? By clothes shopping at Wal-Mart of course. We don't have Wal-Mart anywhere where I live (or anywhere where I've ever lived) so I always find Wal-Marts a little foreign and exotic. I desperately needed a sweater to put on during the day. Even though is is close to 80 degrees here, the room that I'm working in is about 50. Wal-Mart isn't really selling sweaters at this time of the year. The only one I could find is a pointelle one, which is very "mom". But it is better than nothing.

I also bought a watch as the battery in my old one is dead. Since I won't be home until God knows when and I don't have a car here so it isn't likely that I'll find a jeweler. I figured that a $9 watch was a good investment. It's not very wonderful, but by that point that $4 margarita had made it's way to my bladder and I was scared of the restrooms so I just grabbed one and headed towards the checkout.

So back to the vacation. We went to Taos on Thursday and Taos Pueblo on Friday. It was very interesting and the weather was very nice. The scenery was gorgeous. We stayed in a remote rural B & B on Friday. It was described as a "working ranch" but we didn't see any cattle (which was fine by me). Leo's golf clubs were lost on the way out and they were actually delivered to the ranch on Friday (I had serious doubts about that actually happening). The stars were amazing at the ranch.

The next day we hiked up to Chimney Rock at the ranch that my mother is so fond of. We ended up in Santa Fe were we had some pretty amazing Southwestern food and the world's strongest margaritas.

I found an Azerbaijani restaurant here, but the team said it was too far away (or were they looking to not eat Azerbaijani found...hmmmm). As you may expect, Louisville (and I'm not even in Louisville, more like the outskirts) is not really famous for dining. I did have some Frito Pie on our New Mexico trip. My mom and Aunt Nancy had some too; they seemed to enjoy it. I'd love to find some country ham while I'm here but I haven't seen a likely spot yet.

Hopefully, Schwest or mom will forward me some pictures soon.

I should also mention that I'm a really crappy knitter.

I scooped this from Super Eggplant: Hot Dog crafts! Yes!!!

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