I've spent 15 of the last 24 hours traveling


Leo's grandfather died on Saturday. We managed to catch an earlier flight from Albuquerque. We caught the last hour of the wake. It was really amazing.

People in my family run away to die in private, like pet cats. You see them one day and you get a phone call that they are dead a while later. We don't have funerals. So I found it really touching just how many people were there. Leo's mom said that even his grandfather's high school basketball teammates dropped by, each with a respirator or a wheelchair. There were hundreds of family members and countless friends. I think there must have been 60 or so floral arrangements. It was just a touching testament to how much his grandfather was really loved and how many lives he touched.

I had a great time in New Mexico. Contrary to what the odds were predicting in Vegas, I made it all the way up to Chimney Rock (or rather the mesa next to Chimney Rock) and I did it in the worst heat of the day. You know you are out of shape when your 60 year old mother (who was chugging right along without a problem) predicts that you won't make it. I will admit that I did almost pass out while doing it though. And I was shocked to learn that I didn't loose a single pound on the trip. I would have thought I would have lost at least 20 pounds in water weight.

I am elbow deep in an IT audit currently so I don't have time to say much more. Except that I added a link to the book club in the left hand corner of this page. I think I'm on chapter 6 or so. So far so good.

We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch here in Louisville. Even though the wait staff pronounced the L's in "tortilla" as L's, it was really good. Then the plant controller took me past Papa John's house on the way back. It was quite a mansion. They even had a stone dog house a la Jim Baker.

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