so frickin busy


At work, we're gearing up for a crazy Sarbanes-Oxley compliance audit season. After tomorrow, I won't be back in my office until late July!

So, even though I'm a little pressed for time, let me give you the quick update of how the weekend shook down. Shannon and I had a crazy time trying to find a sushi place on Friday. Basically, we drove way to far East on 9 mile and, when we got there, I ended up knocking over a huge display of ramen noodles. The store was so tiny that I felt like Godzilla.

We stayed up so late on Friday (probably around 2 am, which might as well be 6 am as I am so old and crotchety) so I couldn't hack much on Saturday. I made a strawberry cake for Alicia's birthday, but I wasn't that taken with it. It had strawberry jello as part of the dry ingredients (I don't know why I thought that sounded like a good recipe) and it tasted really fake even though I put fresh strawberries in it. I do think I'll try something like that again, but without the jello and more fresh strawberries next time.

We're leaving on Thursday for yet another celebration of my mother's 60th birthday. We're going to Albuquerque with my aunt and Schwest and Jeremy. The trip will center around hiking and knitting, which should be an interesting combo. My mom was so excited that she found khaki colored yarn, in case Leo wanted to knit. I let her know that it wasn't really yarn color that was Leo's reason for not knitting. Fear not though, Leo will have a chance to golf one day while we're there.

I have so much stuff to do! I need to emblazon the company logo on some onesies (which I need to purchase still) for a work related baby shower, I need to make 2 cakes for said shower, I need to pack for the trip...

Oh, and when I get home, hopefully, my house will be at least partially painted.

It really sucks that we are so busy in the summer. I wish we'd been this busy when it was icky outside. Now I feel like I'll never be home. Now I'm off to mail the mother's day present that I bought for Wendy since I really doubt her husband bothered to do anything on his own.

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