David Byrne and the comedic possibilities of the red velvet cake


Major corporation's Sarbanes-Oxley compliance audit schedule changes based on the date of a David Byrne concert.

How great is my boss? Great enough to juggle our audit schedule so that I can attend a concert. I bet David Byrne has no idea how wide spread the impact is of his tour dates!

My trip to France got cut, which is just as well with me but Germany is still on. For about 15 minutes this morning, I thought I was going to Hungary, but that too got cut.

So now let's examine the comedic possibilities of the red velvet cake.

I am going to make one of these this weekend, in honor of Alicia's birthday (what is it with birthday's lately? I swear there has been one every other day!). Shannon has requested that this cake be humorous. I immediately thought of the red velvet armadillo cake in Steel Magnolias. But Alicia would probably be confused if I baked her an armadillo cake. So what can I craft the cake into?

Leo is gone. It's very sad. He left for Milwaukee this morning. He won't be back until Sunday night! I am such a loser because I get so bummed out when he goes away but usually it's me who is doing the leaving. It's a lot worse being the spouse left at home rather than the spouse staying in a cushy hotel on a business trip. I mean, listen to the things I have to do this weekend!

I have to clear off the deck and prepare the house to be painted

I have to gather up all of the clothing we don't plan on wearing again to give to St. Vincent de Paul

Hummm.... I guess I only need to do those two things. It seems like a lot more though.

But it's not all drudgery as we are planning on having a "Bachelorette Party Two: Attack of the Clones". Really it's just a few people coming over to eat junky food, drink margaritas and watch movies. But it sounds more fun if I call it a bachelorette party.

It's another one of those days when I have nothing to do an nothing interesting has happened. I can honestly say that the most interesting thing I've done today is to have a conversation with out HR person about how, when I go to work in Canada, I have to say that I will be observing work, not actually working. That's my normal M.O., so that shouldn't be a problem.

Oooh! Gus the Romanian mail room man just called. It seems that I have a package! Oh the excitement!

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