it's the weeeee-he-he-he-eek end!


A hearty thank you to my friends that thought that I had no idea who/what Faust is. I had been copying an entire page of German Franconian activates into a translator and my eyes almost popped out of my head to see "Fist Festival" on the translated list. But I figured it out once I skimmed the original.

So, my day has been a whole bunch of nuttin. There's been all sorts of boring work drama. Oh, I had a lovely lunch with my mother at my favoritist sushi place. She was telling me about one of her employees, a woman who is about 26, who is always bursting into tears. This woman was overlooked for a promotion that she would never qualify for, and then she went on to break down and cry to my mom (her boss) for an hour about how she could do the job very well and it isn't fair that she wasn't promoted. My mom thought that maybe there was some sort of generational thing going on and that this is acceptable behavior for the younger set.

Can you imagine? From mom's description, she sounds like toddler who hasn't gotten her way. I assured mom that I work in a very large company and no one would ever behave like that. I do wonder if it has to do with my mom's department being mostly female. I mean, that sort of behavior isn't acceptable in any circumstance, but I wonder if that makes a more emotionally open environment.

I stopped by home after that to drop off my sushi and finalize the paint color selection for the house. I am totally crashing and burning on the creativity front by deciding to have the house painted exactly the same color as it is now. I feel a little guilty about this, but at least I won't now feel guilty if it looks goofy afterwards. I mean, if it changed colors and then looked bad, I would cringe every time I pulled into my own driveway.

Shannon just emailed me a detailed schedule of our shoe shopping, discount pottery buying and Dogville watching day tomorrow.

Well, it just turned 4pm. That's close enough to 5. I'm Audi 5000.

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