Panacea.  Is there any word with which to better show off the Michigan accent?  Say it with me now, through your nose: Pyan-uh-see-uh.

my day's highlights thus far:

  • woke up to find that my head had been mysteriously crammed full of snot.  How can I have allergies when it is still in the 30's every morning?
  • I had a meeting with my boss this morning that was interrupted by his boss.  His boss sat to the left of me which made me freak out for the next hour that my button up shirt was gaping between the breast area buttons and therefore flashing him.
  • I got into a rather loud, um, "discussion" with my counterpart in Germany.  He needs to start doing his job berichtigen Sie diese Minute!!!
  • I took the first car nap of the season over lunch.  It was lovely.  I remembered to bring my alarm clock and I got a full 30 minutes of sleep.
  • I tried to get food at Einstein Bagel but I ended up with a 1/2" square piece of turkey on an incinerated piece of challah and a miniscule salad with burnt walnuts.  Blech,  The OJ was good though.
  • After lunch, my boss gave me the new Sarbanes-Oxley requirements which are so long and complex that they make me cross eyed.  Example:
    • Discuss the process used to evaluate the adequacy of the AR reserve with the appropriate personnel.  Determine whether the analysis is performed monthly.  Obtain an example of the analysis for  2 months and review it for evidence of a review (signature of appropriate personnel).  Retain appropriate documentation for the workpapers and include the results of testing.
    • If the plant has a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) or other customer pricing issues obtain the calculation of the reserve and reconciliation to the general ledger for 2 months (for at least 5 pricing reserves). 
  • Want to die yet?  Yes, me too.  Well, back to my auditing wonderland with me then.
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