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What do CBS, the Secret Service, the Department of Defense and my alma mater Dearborn High School have in common? They've been named in a list of the 13 biggest enemies of free speech. I find this a little funny because I actually had the opposite problem with DHS. When I was there, the print shop put out a calendar that featured a naked woman (who was positioned in such a way that her nipples and whatnot was covered by her limbs) in a champagne glass as the January picture. I had a problem with it and sought an audience with the principal. I found it inappropriate that our school (and tax payer's money) was being used to publish what was, in essence a girlie calendar (I had, um, "ideals" when I was 18). The principal said that I was uptight and dismissed me. I later found out that my then boyfriend was the person behind the calendar. So where were the censors then?

And speaking of my being angered, CBC Radio 2 has done it again. I end up listening to a lot of CBC radio because Detroit doesn't have a classical music station. I enjoy most of their programs and I really appreciate commercial-free radio that isn't constantly begging people to give them money (thank you, tax payers of Canada). But this year the Easter Sunrise Celebration went too far when it was announced that "Easter is a celebration of Canada's diversity" and they proceeded to play Muslim and Hindu music! First off, Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has nothing to do with Canada, other than that some Christians live there and it certainly has nothing to do with diverse religions. Diverse cultures? Sure. If they had played celebratory Christian music from around the world, that would have been great. But they introduced the songs as specifically Muslim and Hindu (not Middle Eastern or Indian), which would have been just super any other day or on any other program that was not specifically called out as an "Easter Celebration". You see, CBC Radio 2, "Easter" is a specific holiday in the Christian faith. Just as you cannot have a "Passover Celebration" that includes "Away in a Manger", you cannot celebrate the most important holiday in the Christian faith by playing songs of different religions. "Diversity" is not the watering down of religions to make them all the same but the celebration of the different aspects of all religions. Grr. I'd write them a letter but I don't think they really care about the opinions of an American who is simply freeloading off of Windsor's radio waves.

I don't really know where the whole 4 day weekend went. I did a lot of gardening yesterday (and boy are my legs sore) and I also did a fair amount of cooking. We had a lovely Easter at Leo's parent's house. Leo's grandfather did most of the cooking, it was wonderful (especially the lamb with green beans). This was the first holiday in many, many years that I did not cook so I felt a little left out. I did the mature thing and made an attention whoring 16" diameter six-pointed braided star brioche. I also made a key lime pie, which actually turned out quite well (the last one I made I used the bottled key lime juice which made it taste really yucky).

In addition to all this, I reaffirmed with certainty that I am not meant to work. And on that note, let me get back to auditing.

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