Mr. Pookums 1982 - 1999 R.I.P.


This is Leo, riding a mechanical bull in Vail.

Lovely I-70

While I was going through my photos at mom's, I came across this picture of Mr. Pookums. How cuuuute was he? (and is mom wearing culottes?)

He weighed only a quarter of a pound when we brought him home from the Humane Society and let him nestle in on our spiffy plaid chair...

And who could forget Mr. Pookum's most famous photo?

So the Mr. Pookums photos had nothing to do with anything other than I happened across them today.

The certification prep course last night was HORRIBLE. I walked out after an hour. The "instructor" had the same cracked voice as that teenager with red hair and acne on the Simpsons. It appeared that he had no idea what he was talking about and simply read the bullet points on the slides. There's a new lecturer each week, so I can't dismiss the whole program (which is unfortunate as I'd like to know if this will be helpful or not).

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