Leo let me know on Wednesday that he wouldn't be on the Thursday morning flight to Denver with me because he'd have to work (thanks evil Leo boss). So I got the inside scoop on Denver from Katy and tooled around on my own. I went to the Celestial Seasonings factory for the tour; it was right up my alley. They keep the peppermint in a separate room so it doesn't flavor everything else. The room is so full of menthol that it burns your eyes and lungs. Fun times! After that, I went to the butterfly pavilion, but I was the only person there without a toddler and that made me feel like a creepy child molester so I took my photos and left. It was then only 2 pm and Leo wasn't due to land until 5 so I saw a movie (Secret Window, as it was the next movie to start). Johnny Depp was doing his usual crazy person act (rather similar to the Brad Pitt crazy person act). It was completely not worth paying money to see, but it kept me from spending money so it worked out.

After that, I called Leo and he told me that his evil boss again prevented him from leaving so he might make the 7:30 flight. If not, he'd see me on Friday. Grrr. Evil boss sucks. So I went shopping and drove around downtown Denver. By this point, it felt like I hadn't seen Leo in days (when in fact I had seen him that morning). Luck was with us and Leo did make the last flight of the night. I almost picked him up and spun him around at the airport, I was so excited to see him. He had woken up at 3 am EST that morning and we began the 2 hour trip to Vail (through the Rockies of course) at 9 pm MT. In the end (after we had dinner) Leo had been awake (and driving in the dark through the mountains) for almost 24 hours.

We walked around Vail on Friday. Leo had to make a lot of work related calls (again, thank you evil boss) so I perused the shops and picked up a very exciting new lipstick (Bobbi Brown lip shine in Toffee). We met up with some people we know that night. Leo skied for the first time on Saturday (he enjoyed it) and I was massaged (it wasn't a good massage, but they did give me a crystal to bring me "positive energy" and that cracked me up enough to have made it all worth while). We each had some very glamorous explosive nose bleeds from the altitude. Leo went out running on Friday morning in a white t-shirt. When he came back, he looked like he'd been shot (from his nose bleeding). I'm sure that no one needed to know that, but now it's too late.

Raj didn't get in until Saturday. We celebrated by eating an insane amount of food. I think we had oysters every day we were there. Though we were in the Rocky Mountains, the oysters were not Rocky Mountain oysters (I'm fairly certain of this as they were all served on the half shell). There was also much tequila consumed (luckily my gender got me out of consuming any). This led to competitive mechanical bull riding (I have photos).

We thought we were going to miss our flight back on Sunday. In fact, I was told by the ticket agent that they had started boarding 15 minutes ago and I had to run to make it. So...after the 20 minutes to go through security...after another 15 minutes riding the stupid "train" through the airport to terminal C...I ran as fast as I have ever run (I'm seriously not exaggerating) to the gate, which of course, was the farthest away. When I got there, the door was closed. I asked the man if I'd missed it. At this point, black spots were floating over my eyes from running so hard. He told me that they hadn't started boarding yet. I responded with a hearty laugh as I collapsed in exhaustion on the floor.

My lungs actually still hurt. Perhaps this is a sign that I should attempt to get some exercise. Perhaps.

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