Tonight I am meeting someone for coffee that I haven't seen or heard from in 18 years.

Erin and I went to summer camp together. We were best of friends for the 1 week per year of camp and then I wouldn't see her until the next time. She only lived about 25 miles away from me, but it seemed like it was a lot farther when I was a kid. I last saw her the summer after 6th grade.

So, I imagine that she's changed a little (what with puberty and all). I'd worry that I wouldn't recognize her, except that we agreed to meet at Magic Johnson's ghetto Starchunk's, so I'm sure we'll be the only people there. We reconnected on (and I am embarrassed to admit this) a wedding bulletin board. I had posted our engagement photo in my profile and she saw it and recognized me (I mean, I know I look youthful and all - har har- but that's pretty amazing!).

The first day of Leo's trial went pretty well. The guy he's working for never showed up, so he was completely on his own. But he said it went pretty well. Poor Leo. I told him that if he had just been watching Law & Order with me this whole time, he wouldn't have been nervous!

This talk of possibly moving has put me in a whole "what do I want to be when I grow up?" kind of mood. We have a lot of major life issues to figure out: house, jobs, kids, dog, etc. It's exciting and scary. I suppose we have to figure out where we will live and take it from there. Oh the possibilities! We've already ruled out moving outside of the U.S. because of Leo's job. I was offered the position in Asia (Shanghai) but I had to turn it down because it was really unlikely that Leo would be given a visa to work and, even if he was, what would he do?

Planning is what I enjoy doing above anything else. So I've been busying myself with "research". But I don't want to trouble Leo with any of these things while he's under so much stress, so I think I'll have to leave it at that.

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