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Leo has been working so much, and is under so much pressure, that he has lost 10 pounds in the last week.

If I was in a similar situation, I would have gained 10 pounds. I wish I could help him in some way. I ask him at least three times this morning if he wanted some breakfast. Oh, did I mention that he set his alarm for and got up at 2:45am? Yeah. That's the time that some people go to sleep.

We used to fantasize about how he could teach history at some college. Now work has gotten so stressful that our pretend lives have changed that so we both work retail. Not to say that people in retail aren't under pressure (because its fresh enough in my mind to remember that part) but people in retail who aren't in management are pretty stress-free. So it's either that or we will save up enough money to buy a shack in Appalachia to live in.

Actually, there has been talk of moving (but not to a shack in Appalachia). We have already decided that we won't be in Detroit forever and we are only here to be near our parents. Leo's parents will probably move away in five years. My mom could move really at any time (not that she has any plans to do so). We decided that we have to sell our house soon, before we have kids as it would be too tight to keep it on one income. So, should we just move sooner rather than later?

I have to admit that it is appealing. I'm especially fond of wiping the slate clean and completely starting over. Probably too fond of it. Luckily I have Leo to balance that out. So where would we go? Somewhere in the mid-Atlantic. I mean the mid-Atlantic states, not the middle of the Atlantic ocean. So that means that Leo would have to take the bar again in what ever state we end up in. Maybe he can squeeze studying for that into his 4 free hours a day that he had been using for sleep.

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