if nothing else, it is Friday


My cuticles are stained yellow from the Indian food I had for lunch. Those people sure know how to do vegetarian food. In fact, I don't think that I've had fish on a Friday this Lent yet. We're having low fat vegetarian nachos tonight. That's right, I'm living the wild life.

Actually, I'm feeling rather uninspired today. My nose is all stuffy and I think its effecting the amount of oxygen my brain gets.

I read an article this afternoon that was basically saying that parenthood in this country is treated like a hobby. I thought about that for a while. It seems pretty true to me, not that I'm a parent and I only have one friend with a child. The speaker was saying that both parents and observers think of it like a hobby, attaching little value to it, etc.

OK, I'm about to pass out face first into my diet Vernor's.

Let me leave you with two fantabulous recipes that I made last week:

Smoked Turkey Baked Chimichangas - they don't reheat well (except in the oven) but boy were they good! There's cabbage in them but you'd never know it.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake - I am very pro-cake mix, especially when its a chocolate cake. I have baked a lot of cakes from scratch and I still think the best chocolate ones come from a box (chocolate cakes are different from other cakes because chocolate is a pretty heavy ingredient so you need to adjust all of the others. Just trust me on this). They put a lot of fancy techno ingredients in there that you can't buy at the store. But don't ever buy canned frosting.

I made that cake for Leo's mom's birthday. She sent me a thank you card and said it was the first homemade birthday cake that she'd had in 30 years. Awww.

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