I might just be sick


I might be sick.

I just can't tell. Yesterday, I felt awful. I thought it might have been because I drank on Sunday. Or it could be because I was standing outside in the freezing drizzle. Or it could be because I ate a hotdog with sketchy origins. Today, I feel slightly less awful. Actually, I feel like I've taken Nyquil, except that I haven't taken anything beyond ibuprofen. My boss gave me a long speech about how, if I'm sick, I should go home. This is refreshing, because my last boss would only allow us to go home sick if we were to be hospitalized for longer than 5 days.

I think I'm going to stay at work. True, I am freezing and wearing three sweaters. This could be because it is blizzarding out. Or it could be because I have a fever. Anyway, I was sweating and way too hot twenty minutes ago so it's probably nothing. True, I feel light headed and high. Maybe someone did something to my cereal this morning. Or maybe my jasmine green tea has fermented itself into a narcotic of sorts. I also feel achy and like my lungs are on fire. I could actually be achy because I lay on the couch all day yesterday. And my lungs could feel like they are on fire because...um...I don't actually know why my lungs might feel that way.

I've been paying phone tag with Wendy for some time now. She left me a voicemail that she thinks she's sold her house. Pretty amazing as it could have only been listed for a couple of days. They are moving back to Florida (sounds pretty good today). They bought their house just a little bit before we bought ours. Even though they live in a different city, I'd be interested to see how they do on the house sale. We've decided that, before we have kids, we need to sell our house. It will just be too tight financially to keep it on only one income.

I think we need to redo the kitchen first. We're having the outside painted as soon as the weather allows. We could stand to do some patching and painting too. It's kind of scary to think of moving again so soon. And it's scary to think that we could loose big money on the house. It's scariest, though, to think of having to show the house and keep everything (closets, laundry room, etc.) spotless for weeks on end. Our house was on the market for 8 months before we bought it. It was totally overpriced at first, but I just can't imagine keeping my house spotless for months on end.

OK, I'm going to go die now. I'm close to admitting that I may actually be sick.

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