We spent the day in Corktown yesterday, watching the parade (and being pelted with candy - those Starburst really hurt). They were also throwing beads, which prompted Leo to repeatedly bare his chest. Good times. My favorite part of the parade was the 501st Stromtrooper division. In fact there was a whole lot of half-assessed Irish Detroit weirdness going on. Like the little pieces of corned beef used as confetti to decorate the table we sat at. Or the little girl carrying around a box of Lucky Charms.

I realized after we parked that wearing my big orange scarf might not be the wisest thing, but no one seemed to notice.

Oh! Here's an exciting tidbit: there's been a shake-up in the information security group and a man, let's call him Chris (as that is his real name), will now be in charge of application security. When I first started at this company, I was a Kelly temp. My boss didn't really have enough stuff for me to do, so I asked around if anyone else had anything for me. Chris then had me making copies and filing stuff. SOOOOO, the exciting part is that, when I'm done in IT Audit, I'm going to the security group as a manager. So he and I will be in the same group AT THE SAME LEVEL. Maybe, in another year or so, Chris will be making copies for me. Bwahahaha!

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