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This weekend Shannon, her cousin and I saw Girl with a Pearl Earring. The film would have been good had I 1) seen it on cable and 2) been laying on my sofa.. It was ok, as I saw it in a movie theater, but it was a matinee so I only paid $5 for it and what else are you going to do on a Saturday at 5pm? The real problem was that we chose the same theater as an elderly group home for the mentally challenged. Therefore the entire movie was peppered with stage whispers like "is that the girl?' and "look, she has a pearl earring!". Shannon's head was about to explode and I was silently laughing so hard that I thought I might have an accident.

The movie would also be better if it contained only birds (at first I thought rabbits, but now I'm sure it should be birds). Every character in the movie was afraid of every other character and there wasn't much talking. So it would adapt beautifully to an all bird cast. There was a lot of looking around and being frightened, so I'm thinking parakeet for the pearl earring girl. Vermeer could be a pigeon and his wife is more of a parrot. The evil patron could be played by some sort of bird of prey or a rabid peacock (can peacocks be rabid?). It would have made the movie much more interesting. True, it would be a little hard to have the story of the painting be based on the life of a parakeet, but that would make it worth seeing.

I also rediscovered coffee this weekend. I went out to dinner on Thursday and had a cup of coffee afterwards (it was 3/4 decaf and 1/4 caf). It made me horrible giddy and I'm not sure I was safe to drive afterwards. Clearly I needed to further explore coffee consumption in the evening. On Saturday (before the movie) I went all international and had a tiny cup of Greek coffee that was so think I could cut it with a knife. Strangely, I had no caffeine impact from this. So I waited patiently for a freshly brewed cup at the movie theater where, again, I got no coffee buzz. Perhaps the Dearborn coffee shop has something special going on with their coffee.

Leo had to work on Saturday so I decided to do some more soap making. This time I made about 2 pounds of goat's milk and French clay soap and 2 pounds of olive oil soap. I made the goat's milk soap into pastel Easter eggs. I used my new "hockey puck" mold for the olive oil soap but it must be a 3 pound mold because it isn't full yet. So that one will have to wait.

Oh, and I saw Wale Rider last night. That movie's was pretty good as 1) it was on cable and 2) I was laying on my couch.

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