you hip, you hop and you don't stop


Do you ever feel like you're just not getting your daily recommended allowance of hip hop? Are you finding it tough to fit more rap into your daily routine? Then rap snacks are the product for you!

While you are eating your rap snacks, you might start thinking of your teeth, specifically ways to jazz up your pearly whites. That's where Twinkles come in. Personally, I'm waiting until they come out with a temporary gold tooth so I can look more like Nelly (or, more likely, I'd look like a gypsy).

For the past week now, I've been having a muscle spasm in my left eye. As you may imagine, this sucks. I went to the eye doctor and he told me to start wearing my glasses. Because my prescription is for distance vision, I should wear glasses instead of contacts so I can take them off while I'm at the computer (which is the vast majority of my day). I'm having a little trouble remembering to take them off when I sit down and, if I do remember, I get really disoriented when I stand back up and can't see a thing.

Plus my glasses make me look like a big dork. I currently have wire frames and they are always getting bent out of shape so they sit on my face lopsided. I ordered new frames which I can go pick up today. They are plastic, so I'm hoping they'll be better. They are brown, but I'm hoping that I don't end up looking like one of the heavy black framed ageing hipsters. I should be so lucky, right?

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