"The sore in my soul, the mark in my heart...are ACID RAIN!"


I am currently listening to Tragedy for You (Front 242). A song I LOVED when I was a teen. Much like a lot of other music that I loved then, I'm finding this - as an adult - overly self-serious and trite. Plus, you can't dance to it, which is perhaps why we chose to run around the two basement pillars in the Shelter instead.

Funny coincidence - I just threw this tape away on Saturday. I was hurriedly cleaning before my mom's surprise birthday party. For some reason the tape had become separated from the rest and had made it's way into the exercise room. It had been there for a couple months and I kept moving it around so it was less in the way. Finally, on Saturday, I had to confront myself and ask if I ever envisioned popping that into a tape player and listening to it again. The answer was no, out it went.

A couple years ago I came across the first Nine Inch Nails tape. Let's face it, that one was GOLD when it came out. I listened to it as an adult and doubled over laughing at the lyrics. And why on earth did I think that I identified so deeply with it? I mean, all of the songs are about heroin addiction. My worst behavior was drinking wine coolers, so how could I relate my self to someone in a pit of heroin-induced despair?

When that album came out, it was a big deal. I remember that stupid Jenny "more punk rock than thou" had it first and I had to hear about it from her. Why was she always out punk rocking me? I mean, she got her nose pierced while I was still in parental negotiations and she later received the Most Individualistic (most punk rock) award. She even had a pair of black and white striped tights before I did. Bitch.

On a complete tangent, why are wine coolers so uncool? I remembered liking them. Of course, they were alcoholic and sweet, so how could any teenager not like them? Perhaps they need to be revisited. It's time for a wine cooler and tape party (I'll wear the black and white striped tights)!

Perhaps I have trouble directing a train of thought which is why I can identify with a heroin addict.

I hate this time of year. I feel so antsy to do something but I can't think of what it is. I HATE having nothing to plan. That's probably it. Now that my mom's party is over (it went quite well) and I'm not cooking for Easter...well, I have nothing to plan. What am I supposed to think about?

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