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That's what Leo was singing (over and over again) this morning.

I am SO BUSY at work. It's good, in a way, but it really cuts into my goofing off time. That's ok as we fully expect to win the 220 million in the Michigan lottery drawing today.

Now that it looks like the whole transfer to Asia thing might really happen, we are re-evaluating the whole finance situation. And we might have too much in fixed debt (school loans) to make it feasible. I have to say that it is kind of scary to think about now that it might really happen. We'll see.

I am wearing a new silk blouse, which I love. Problem is, it only has four buttons. So...when I sit down, it gapes between buttons. I think if it were just a bit smaller this wouldn't be such a problem. It's not that big a deal as I'm only flashing my computer. But still! Why can't I ever be adequately dressed???? When are we going to the Star Trek space jumpsuits?

I got into some mental warfare coming back from Texas. On the Chicago - Detroit leg, there was a woman in my seat when I boarded. She moved, but then made a big deal to the stewardess that she had to have a window seat (it was a 1 hour flight in the dark). She ended up sitting in the middle seat, next to me, because there weren't any available window seats. She was wearing a suit and had a gigantic 2 carat ring which made me doubt, after what happened next, that she was truly insane (although I guess being insane and rich really aren't mutually exclusive).

After glaring at me for some time, she popped a piece of gum in her mouth and proceeded to chew it (with her mouth open) so loudly she reminded me of a 5 year old trying to irritate a sibling. Ten minutes later, she took a drink of water. I was hoping that this would harden the gum somewhat and dull the popping noise, but she then spit out the original gum into a napkin and started chewing a new piece. Then there was a spate of uncovered coughing in my direction which knocked her gum filled napkin onto my leg.

This loud gum chewing and coughing continued on for the next hour, interrupted by very loud Twizzler eating. Oh, plus she took a red scrunchy out of her purse and put her chin length hair in a ponytail directly on top of her head (which isn't annoying, but it did add to her "crazy lady" aura). I debated if I should trade the coveted window seat in exchange for a ceasefire on the gum chewing. Then I fantasized about sneezing on her. I wouldn't have, but it really made me feel better to think about it.

Finally, on our decent into Detroit, I blocked the window with my whole body and pretended that what I was seeing was really interesting (Wow! Look at those factories. And the Rouge Plant! Whoopee!). She then asked me "Is everything ok out there?" in a clichéd Fran Drescher type New York accent. I then felt a little silly about my behavior.

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