and have I mentioned that there is an open bar?


Super busy at work. It's good though; interesting stuff. I actually really love my job.

Speaking of love, have I mentioned how in love with my husband I am? (That was my V day mushiness)

Well, Shannon, Daryl, Leo and I are going up north this afternoon. Then, I will get up at the crack of dawn and fly to San Antonio. The admin (the one with the 5 carat engagement ring) and I are going to an auditing software user group. The description of every activity starts out by saying OPEN BAR. I bet there will be a lot of drunken auditors there.

On Monday night, there is a group event, described thusly:

When you arrive at the ranch, take a moment to stroll around this well maintained working ranch, feed and pet the longhorn cattle, visit the historical old main house and dance to some toe-tapping music in the main barn. Relax with a cool beverage from the full open bar and enjoy a house specialty ? Grilled White Wings! Listen to the 12-time nominated & four-time award winning Gramy recipient band (C: is Gramy with one M some sort of cover band award?). They play a well rounded variety of music including Country-Western, Rock-n-Roll, Jazz, Big Band, and Latin Salsa. The band will entertain throughout the evening for your listening pleasure and a variety of activities await. There will be activity areas including three caricature artists who will portray guests in a "Western" depiction such as a cowboy hat or cowboy boots. Adjacent to the facility is a holding pen for livestock. Longhorn cattle will be feeding there and guests can view them at their leisure or guests can try their hand at horseshoes.

Feed cattle! Caricatures with cowboy boots! Toe Tapping! And, again, OPEN BAR!
THIS is why I went to college!

It would be cool if I could get some horns to mount on my car, though.

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