I'm a little loopy on the dayquil


I have a cold. Leo is sick too. So, feeling like crap this morning, I threw on a white shirt and a big sweater jacket (it's very "I'm a middle class mom" / Nordstrom catalog). The jacket was nice and cozy during my ride to work (the blizzard decided to switch to freezing rain, for variety's sake). I took it off immediately upon entering my office only to find that it has shed short, black, curly hairs on my shirt. I look like I've been rolled in pubes! How far into the future will we all just start wearing jumpsuits, like in Star Trek? Because no matter what I wear, I'm always a disaster.

Did any of you see the news blurb about the pope entertaining break dancers? It was very 1983 of him. Anyhow, I stumbled across it again yesterday and actually read the text (instead of just looking at the pictures, as I'm prone to do). Did you know that those break dancers were Polish? I didn't even know that there are black people in Poland. I mean, I can't think of a historical reason why they would be there and I can't imagine anyone wanting to move to Poland, no matter who bad off the homeland is. I'll just sit back and wait for Schwest to read this, then she'll send me some exasperated email telling me how ignorant I am for not knowing about black people in Poland. It's really convenient to be related to a government publications librarian. She knows about this stuff.

While goofing off this morning, I stumbled across Howard Gardner's theory on multiple intelligences, which is fascinating. It basically types people (at any point in time, while stressing that people are constantly changing) on how people learn and what their strengths are. I tested myself, and my highest areas were Verbal and Intrapersonal. I LOVE crap like this!

Mrs. W has taken on the task of being the public relations manager for my biological clock. Stop the press releases, I know I'm getting old! It just floors me to think that I'm already 30 and have no immediate plans of starting a family.

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