So, how long is today? The answer is pretty damn long. But maybe that's because it's the Friday before a three day weekend!

Poor MLK, jr. with his having a birthday in January and all. Because if his birthday was in August, you know there would be parades and community plays and baton twirlers and fire works and stuff. Instead, the only celebrations are indoor affairs and only serious type people go to them. I mean, I might go to a community celebration (especially if corn dogs were involved) but the chance of me going down to the African American History museum in the freezing cold is nil. It clearly would have been better for MLK if he had been born in August. It probably would have been better for race relations in this country as a whole (more events, raising awareness, activities that might actually be fun, etc.).

If you completely forget about MLK as a person, then the day is pretty handy. I mean, I got back from the two weeks of holiday shut down a couple weeks ago and I'm still not at 100% of my work capacity (don't really know if I ever am, but whatever). A Monday off in the middle of January is right when I need it.

Three years ago this weekend is when Leo and I took our first vacation together, we went to Miami Beach. Instead of staying in South Beach, where I always used to stay with Wendy, we stayed in North Beach where you can actually have a hotel on the beach. It was a "1950's" themed hotel that catered to busses of German toursists. I learned that weekend that Leo was used to staying at really expensive hotels; I think he kind of looked down his nose at Deezerland (the name of the hotel). I thought it was great (except for all those Marilyn Monroe and James Dean statues). The rooms were clean and large and the hotel was indeed right on the beach. What more could you want? That was the same weekend that I clipped the photo of Whiplash the cowboy monkey out of the paper. His picture is right next to my monitor today. Holy crap, they have Whiplash merchandise??? LEO! Get me that mouse pad for Valentine's day!!!!

Sorry, I got all excited there. I find Whiplash rather inspirational. Which kind of brings me back to MLK, but even I am not that shallow (I'm close though).

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